Half Moon Yoga Studio

Half Moon Yoga Studio

Jules LeDrew grew up in the remote mountains near Boulder, Colorado, and her first experience with yoga and Ayurveda was as a wild child teen. Now nearly 20 years later, she continues to integrate her reverence for nature, yoga and natural medicine into accessible ways to empower our human community to support the body to heal itself.

Her teacher trainings have been influenced by both exercise science and the Anusara yoga tradition. She is a clinical herbalist and holds a premed degree in Herbal Science from Bastyr University.

"I focus on creating a light-hearted and structured space, plus flowing sequences, to assist in getting out of our busy minds and into our bodies. Practicing mindfulness and giving a positive outlet for excess energy and expressive movement helps to release stuck patterns that no longer serve us," says Jules of her classes.

With the use of themes inspired by her knowledge of Ayurveda and botanical medicine, Jules strives to facilitate strengthening one's relationship between nature, body and mind to encourage students to find comfort within the safe and sacred space of the body. She believes that right where you are is right where you need to be. Jules regularly enjoys boxing at Solid Stone, wild harvesting, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with her beloved, elderly bull terrier, as well as teaching community courses on botanical science, Ayurvedic aromatherapy and native plant ID.

Jules LeDrew

Mindful Movement: Yoga for Teens

Friday evenings 6:00 - 7:30 pm

All levels Vinyasa Yoga class, playfully designed to meet the needs of the student through intelligent and dynamic sequencing with a focus on the principles of alignment. This mindful order of asanas (poses) leads students through an empowering moving meditation suitable for all levels of experience. Themes are interwoven throughout class to encourage strengthening the relationship between nature, body and mind. This flowing practice of embodiment focuses on building a foundation to develop endurance and strength. Class is held on Friday evenings to offer our teen community a safe and comfortable space to practice mindfulness, inspire creativity through self expression and movement, and most importantly not take ourselves too seriously and have fun. Socializing before and after class is encouraged. Cost is $10.00; class cards are available.

Align & Flow

Monday and Thursday 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday 10:00 a.m.

An opening and nourishing practice with a flowing progression of poses to build alignment confidence. The class will be lively and fun, with an emphasis on breath and embodiment. Jules LeDrew is a clinical herbalist, Ayurvedic aromatherapy educator, and certified yoga instructor. Everyone welcome—this is a warming, energetic practice for all levels of students.

Jules LeDrew