Half Moon Yoga Studio

Private And Special Group Yoga Sessions

Yoga was designed for the individual, and a personalized class can be the best way to start out in yoga, to reacquaint yourself with practice after a hiatus, to develop a home practice, or to work on a specific concern.

Individual yoga instruction can be arranged with Half Moon teachers, with classes offered at the studio, or you can discuss another location with the teacher you're working with. We also teach special event group sessions; we've designed sessions and taught for pie camp, birthdays, wedding showers, creativity classes, themed classes for retreats and workshops.

Private classes are $65.00 per hour
3 Private Classes Package: $180.00
5 Private Classes Package: $275.00
Cost of Special Group Sessions depend on location and number of students

All of our teachers are available to teach private lessons or Special Group Sessions. Please email HalfMoonYogaLangley@gmail.com to set up an appointment, and indicate which teacher you'd like to study with. Questions? Call Valerie at 206-226-6055.

Valerie Easton is the studio owner; she's been studying yoga for 35 years with a wide variety of teachers, and brings that breadth of knowledge and experience to Half Moon. Her special interests lie in cultivating balance, building strength while increasing flexibility, health of the feet and hands, elongation and suppleness of the spine, harmonizing breath and movement. Valerie loves the opportunity private lessons offer for a richer interchange between teacher and student.

Joni Takanikos feels that private sessions offer an opportunity for a deeper dialogue between the instructor and student. Both beginning and experienced students will benefit from her original mode of teaching both the practice and philosophy of yoga.